2nd ACRE Workshop: Shaping an ongoing road map for ACRE

Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia, 1st - 3rd April, 2009

The aim of this workshop was to develop a ‘road map’ for the ACRE initiative, and greater integration between researchers recovering, imaging, digitising and archiving historical data for the historical surface-data-only reanalyses, developers of those reanalyses and the climate applications and impacts communities using reanalyses products.  It was also hoped that it would provide a venue for the international release of the full 20th Century Reanalysis Project (1891-2008).  Although the basics of that reanalyses were presented, an early to mid 2009 release has had to be delayed to late 2009.

Report from the meeting (Word document: 1.26Mb)

Agenda and presentations

Opening Reception: Evening 31st March
Meet at Reception for Registration
Opening address - Rob Zacharin (UK Consul in Queensland)
followed by 'Sunset Experience' and BBQ
Day 1 - 1st April
09:00 Introduction - Dr Lynne Turner (QCCCE)
09:15 Overview of ACRE - Dr Rob Allan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
09:35 The climate science questions ACRE can address - Dr Philip Brohan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
Morning Tea

Historical Reanalyses
11:00 The release of the 20th Century Reanalysis Project - Dr Gil Compo (NOAA ESRL/CIRES)
11:30 Testing and evaluating reanalyses - Dr Phil Arkin (CICS, University of Maryland)
GCOS SST intercomparison project - Ms Tess Brandon (NODC)
12:30  Discussion
13:00 Lunch
  The data and data processing underlying the historical reanalyses and downscaling
Data, images, digitising and CDMP - Dr Philip Brohan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
15:00 ICOADS and RECLAIM - Mr Scott Woodruff (NOAA ESRL)
15:30 NCDC and the ISPD - Dr Russ Vose (NCDC)
16:00 Afternoon Tea
16:30 Downscaling the historical reanalyses - Dr Antonio Cofino (University of Cantabria)
 17:00 Discussion
Day 2: 2nd April
  Climate and climate applications projects using the historical reanalyses
Insuring for resilience in extreme conditions using climate modes and reanalysis products - Dr Peter Best (USQ)
ACRE and Change for Africa project - Dr Holger Meinke (Wageningen University)
The Southeast Australian Project - Dr Joelle Gergis (University of Melbourne)
10:30 Morning Tea
South-east Australia Climate Initiative (SECI) - Dr Ian Smith (CMAR)
11:30 NH extra-tropical cyclone activity in the 20th century reanalysis data - Dr Xiaolan Wang (Environment Canada)
12:00 QCCCE and ACRE - Dr Josef Syktus (QCCCE)
12:30 Discussion
13:00 Lunch
   Data storage, access and visualisation of ACRE-facilitated products
15:00 ACRE, OldWeather and Google - Dr Philip Brohan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
(This presentation was a demonstration of a Google Earth visualisation and a Google Maps and AppEngine web application.)
15:30 The GLOBE program and ACRE - Dr Ed Geary (GLOBE)
16:00 Afternoon Tea
GIS and reanalyses - Mr Neil Kaye (Met Office Hadley Centre)
17:00 Discussion
Day 3: 3rd April

Projects that link or could link to ACRE
Use of historical reanalyses by insurance companies - Dr Olena Sosenko (Scor reinsurance)
09:00 Questions on extreme events from wine grape growers and wheat farmers in Southern Australia - Dr Peter Hayman (PIRSA-SARDI)
09:30 International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative - Dr David Jones (BoM)
Morning Tea
10:30 The South Pacific Rainfall Atlas project and its application for understanding impacts of the SPCZ - Dr Andrew Lorrey (NIWA)
11:00 Joint Dutch-Indonesian initiative to rescue, digitize and exploit historical climate data from Indonesia - Theo Brandsma (KNMI)
12:00 The road map for ACRE - Open Discussion 
13:00 Lunch
13:00 Queensland Coastal Processes - Dr Rodger Tomlinson (Griffith University)
13:30 The MO experience and risk research - Ms Inika Taylor (Met Office Hadley Centre)
14:00 Is Australian agriculture the first casualty of global climate change? - Steve Crimp (CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems)
Afternoon tea
   Australian climatic variability and change in the historical reanalyses
Developing a program to assess Australian climatic variability and change using ACRE-facilitated historical reanalyses - Open Discussion
16:00 End of Workshop

Rob Allan,
Jul 6, 2009, 7:38 AM
Rob Allan,
Jun 12, 2009, 11:04 PM