ACRE WG1 Data and Data Visualisation planning meeting, Bologna, Italy, 27th -29th May 2009

ACRE WG 1 held a meeting at the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) of the National Research Council (NRC) in Bologna, Italy from the 27th-29th of May 2009.  This meeting  was linked to the COST HOME Action Management Committee meeting on data homogenisation ( on the 25th and 26th of May 2009.  
The original idea for this ACRE WG1 meeting was to bring together climate scientists with geographers, historians, archivists and the like, to focus on consolidating our knowledge about, and promoting the recovery imaging, digitisation and archiving of, historical instrumental weather observations for Europe and the colonies of the old European powers over the globe.  It would be the first meeting under ACRE WG1.
The objective of the meeting expanded to include discussions on plans to develop an electronic 'interface' that can access all the main sources/repositories of international historical surface terrestrial and marine weather observations on daily to sub-daily time scales (ICOADS, ISPD, ECA&D etc etc) plus all of the meta data and electronic images of the original material, and be able to produce an interactive electronic archive with visualisations on Google Earth (or similar) that could be interactively accessed and interrogated to the extent of being able to extract any data, meta data, images and the like.  This is already expanding to potentially take in historical sub-surface oceanic and early upper-air observations, plus perhaps historical river/water data, and of course even the gridded historical reanalyses fields and such that ACRE is helping to support.

However, Google funds to finance such a large workshop were not available, so a much smaller and focused meeting to plan for a larger meeting on Data and Data Visualisation was convened.  The presentations from this meeting
are available to download below, and the following link is to the notes on the major discussion sessions during the last two days of the workshop.

Agenda and Presentations

 Day 1 - 27th May
 09:00  Introduction - Rob Allan (Met Office Hadley Centre
 09:15  Overview of ACRE Data and Data Visualisation - Rob Allan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
 09:55  The "data-rescue-at-home" project - Stefan Bronnimann (ETHZ, Switzerland)    
 10:10  Discussion
 10:30  Morning Tea
   Various Data Rescue and Digitisation Activities
 11:00  IEDRO - Rick Crouthamel (IEDRO, USA)
 11:30  SIGN - Maria Antonia Valente (IGIDL, Portugal)
 12:00  MEDARE - Manola Brunet (URV, Spain)
 12:30  RECLAIM & CORRAL - Clive Wilkinson (CRU, UEA, UK and RECLAIM)
 13:00  Polish data rescue and digitisation - Miroslaw Mietus (IMWM, Poland)
 13:30  Lunch
 14:30  Czech data rescue and digitisation - Petr Stepanek (CHMI)
 15:00  Bulgarian data rescue and digitisation - Tania Marinova (NIMH, Bulgaria)
 15:30  Swiss Data rescue activities: the DigiHom Project - Alexander Stickler (ETHZ, Switzerland)
 15:40  Afternoon Tea
 16:00  Italian data rescue and digitisation - Michele Brunetti (ISAC-CNR, Italy)
 16:30  Norwegian data rescue and digitisation - Oyvind Nordli (NMI, Norway)
 17:00  Discussion
 Day 2 - 28th May
   Critical data gaps and potential new data sources
 09:00  Moravian missionaries in Labrador and the Congo - Gaston Demaree (Consultant RMIB, Belgium)
 09:30  Ebro Observatory and Jesuit holdings - Manola Brunet (URV, Spain)
 10:00  Chilean holdings - Clive Wilkinson (CRU, UEA, UK and RECLAIM)
 10:30  Morning Tea
 11:00  ETCCDI experiences - Enric Aguilar (URV, Spain)
 11:30  ACRE and other experiences - Rob Allan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
 12:00  IEDRO experiences (1,2) - Rick Crouthamel (IEDRO, USA)
 12:30  Work of Serhat Sensoy (Turkish data) , Mariano Barriendos (Western European data) and Sylvie Jourdain (French data) - Rob Allan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
 13:00  Discussion
 13:30  Lunch
   Data Visualisation
 14:30  ACRE, OldWeather, Google and GLOBE - Rob Allan (Met Office Hadley Centre)
 15:30  Discussion
 16:00  Afternoon Tea
 16:30  Planning for a wider Data and Data Visualisation Workshop - possible JISC plus Google and Met Office funding (Facilitator: Rob Allan)
 17:00  Discussion
 Day 3 - 29th May
   Plans for coordinated data rescue, digitisation and archiving
 09:00  Discussions on coordinating data rescue, digitisation and archiving efforts liked to ACRE (Facilitator: Rob Allan)
 10:30  Morning Tea
 11:00  Plan for coordinating data rescue, digitisation and archiving efforts liked to ACRE (Facilitator: Roger Stone)
 13:30  Lunch
 14:30  End of Workshop

Rob Allan,
Jun 9, 2009, 6:50 AM