1st ACRE Workshop: Reanalyses Data, Historical Reanalyses & Climate Applications

MeteoSwiss, Zurich, Switzerland, 23-25 June 2008

The aim of the workshop was to mirror the ACRE initiative, by bring together researchers recovering, imaging, digitising and archiving historical data for reanalyses, together with developers of various reanalyses and those from the climate applications and impacts communities who have an interest in using reanalysis products. It was hoped that in such an assembly, participants would be able to gain a better appreciation of each others efforts and needs so that a firmer basis for collaboration and cooperation could be forged, with users being primed in terms of their expectations of, and feedback on, the range of products that will flow from the first release of the full 20th Century Reanalysis Project (1892-2008) early in 2009.

This is planned to be the first of several major workshops bringing together those involved in the full range of activities under the ACRE initiative. As a result of this first workshop, and the creation of four working groups (detailed in the body of the text) within ACRE, there will now be scope for more specific working group meetings.

Report from the meeting. (Word document: 4.3Mb)

Agenda and presentations

Day 1: 23rd June
8:30 Registration
9:00 MeteoSwiss Welcome - Seiz + ACRE workshop introduction, overview and aims - Allan (MO)
  Reanalysis approaches (Chair: Jones)
9:20 ECMWF reanalysis: present and future - Uppala (ECMWF)
9:40 Upper air data and reconstructions into the early 20th century - Bronnimann/Grant (ETH)
10:10 Morning Tea
10:40 US Reanalyses - Arkin (ESSIC)
11:00 SST reanalysis within the GHRSST-PP - Casey (NOAA, NODC), Donlon (MO)
11:30 SODA ocean reanalysis - Carton (UMD)
11:50 20th Century Reanalysis Project & Historical reanalyses - Compo (NOAA ESRL & CIRES)
12:10 Lunch
  Historical Reanalyses data (Chair: Stone)
13:00 Europe and Northern Hemisphere - Jones (CRU)
13:20 Blending station pressure data and ship logbooks - Kuettel (UBERN)
13:40 An application of the 250 year blended ship log book and station SLP set:
Influence of the large-scale atmospheric circulation on Mediterranean temperature and precipitation
- Luterbacher (UBERN)
14:00 Assimilation on climatic timescales: Application to the 'Little Ice Age'? - Klein Tank (KNMI)
14:30 Overview of Météo-France data rescue in connection with ACRE and related projects
- Jourdain (Météo-France)
14:50 RECLAIM and ICOADS - Woodruff (NOAA/OAR/ESRL)
  19th century instrumental observations in the Arctic: An initial assessment of the availability of sub-daily barometric pressure
air temperature, and wind records - Ward (ACRE). Part 1,part 2.
15:10 Afternoon Tea
15:30 GCOS AOPC/OOPC Working Group on Observational Datasets for Reanalysis - Vose (NCDC)
  Distribution and downscaling of reanalyses products (Chair: Della-Marta)
15:50 Showcase EUROGRID Towards a European resource for high-resolution gridded climate data & products - Klein (SMHI)
16:10 BADC web portal experiences - Juckes (MO/BADC)
16:30 CAWCR web portal & climate scenarios - Holper (CSIRO/CAWCR)
16:50 Model downscaling for storm surges - Howard (MO)
17:10 ENSEMBLES statistical downscaling portal - Cofino (University of Cantabria)
17:30 Discussion
18:10 Finish
Day 2: 24th June
  Climate applications and outreach (Chairs: Holper & Compo)
8:45 Overview of MeteoSwiss climate services: seasonal forecasting to climate applications and research
- Appenzeller (MeteoSwiss)
9:00 Prospects for and value of long-time series data, including global reanalysis data sets, in the development
of global climate derivatives with special application to the agricultural sector
- Stone (USQ)
9:20 Climate change: quantification of business impacts by means of catastrophe modelling
leading to tailor made risk transfer solutions - Bresch (SwissRe)
9:40 Catastrophe risk modelling - Dailey (AIR)
10:00 Uses of reanalyses data for environmental assessments - Erhard (EEA)
10:20 Morning Tea
10:50 European windstorms and reinsurance loss: New estimates of the risk - Della-Marta (MeteoSwiss)
11:10 European storminess - Ulbrich (FUB)
11:30 Historical ecology - Marzin (NOAA NMSP)
11:50 Agriculture - Meinke (WU), Osborne (Walker Institute)
  Trends and variability of storminess in the NE Atlantic-European region, 1874-2007 - Wang (EC)
12:10 Lunch
13:20 Water resources - Bates (CSIRO)
13:40 Health impact data needs - Lloyd (LSHTM)
14:00 The impacts of spatial and temporal climate variability on plants via phenology - Menzel (TUM)
14:20 Extremes from the last centuries in France - Yiou (LSCE)
14:50 The history of climate impact on the built heritage - Grossi-Sampedro (UEA)
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:30 Fire climate interactions on the American Pacific Coast - Trouet (WSL)
15:50 Discussion
17:30 Finish
20:00 Dinner: Restaurant Fischstube Zürichhorn (http://www.fischstube.ch/).
Day 3: 25th June
9:30 - 13:00 Discussion themes (Chairs: Stone/Donlon)

  1. Driving biophysical models with historical 3D reanalyses weather and climate products
  2. Using historical 3D reanalyses products as a baseline to develop global climatic indices
  3. Historical 3D reanalyses products as a benchmark for sustainability accounting
  4. User feedback on downscaled or tailored reanalyses products
  5. Publication of workshop discussions and results
10:30 - 11:00 Morning Tea
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Finish

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