ACRE Antarctica under the New Zealand Deep South National Science Challenge

ACRE Antarctica data rescue:

Critical past weather observations are being rescued for the purpose of extending Southern Hemisphere coverage within global reanalyses as far back as possible into the 1800s. Primary work consists of identifying data resources, digital scanning, keying data, quality control, and archiving observations at NIWA. The augmented reanalyses will be used to (i) investigate poorly understood aspects of New Zealand regional climate that are linked to high-latitude atmospheric and oceanic dynamics, (ii) examine daily synoptic type trends, and (iii) establish a baseline more representative of pre-industrial conditions against which current and future climate can be compared. The synoptic type classification completed in (ii) is being binned into multi-decadal intervals according to phases of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation. Rescued data are being archived and made publicly available through the International Surface Pressure Databank and NIWA's database.

Key personnel: Andrew Lorrey (NIWA); Ursula Rack (University of Canterbury).

Animated GIF of coverage in ACRE Antarctica domain based on ISPD data

Data to go into the ISPD in the ACRE Antarctica domain

Dundee Whaling Antarctic Expedition 1892-93


Polar Star



Norwegian Whaling Expedition 1894-1895


French Antarctic Expedition (FAE) (Charcot) 1903-1905 -