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A document-based 318-year record of tropical cyclones in the Lesser Antilles, 1690–2007 - Michael Chenoweth/Dmitry Divine The most comprehensive and longest document-based time series of tropical cyclone activity for any area of the world is presented for the Atlantic and Caribbean region of the Lesser Antilles for the years 1690–2007.  GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS, VOL. 9, Q08013, doi:10.1029/2008GC002066, 2008

Guide to Historical Resources in the Atmospheric Sciences - Fleming - Edited by James Rodger Fleming. Guide to meteo manuscript materials, from survey in 1989 of such holdings in Washington, DC repositories.   Revised Web edition, 1997. Boulder: National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1989. NCAR/TN-327+IA.

Harvard Data Sources 1754-1865 - bMS Am 1360-1361  American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Meteorological records: Guide.  Houghton Library, Harvard College Library

International Bibliography of Meteorology - From the Beginning of Printing to 1889 - Comprehensive source containing 16,000 entries for US and International meteo info.  Four volumes in one: Temperature, Moisture, Winds, Storms.  James Fleming/Roy Goodman - Diane Publishing Company, Upland PA 1994 ISBN 0-941375-040-4

Jonathan Williams Papers-Lilly Library Indiana University - Scientific papers along the line of Benjamin Franklin's interests, particularly those concerned with thermometrical navigation.  Consist of letters and papers of Jonathan Williams, 1750-1815

Josiah Harmar Papers 1776-1795 - There is a ledger of weather tables compiled by Harmar for the years 1776-1795. William L. Clements Library The University of Michigan