ACRE SEA Updates

ACRE SEA is active (so far!) across Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Macau. It also has linkages with data recovery projects in Timor Leste, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. The team plan to visit Myanmar during 2016. Extensive undigitised weather data has been uncovered for Cambodia and Lao PDR. We are now seeking funds to make the recovery of this important data a reality. 

Activities in the China/Southeast Asia region are being facilitated through:

•CSSP/UK MET Office under ACRE-China (CSSP is the Newton Fund Climate Science for Service Partnership Programme)

•International collaboration -MoU between MO-CMA/BCC

•Asia Pacific Network for Global Change CAPaBLE scheme 2013-2015

 NB. ACRE/CMA/BBC will be hosting an ACRE-China workshop in Beijing August 2016.

We are currently:

šEstablishing links with national meteorological and hydrographical services (NMHS), archives and universities in the wider Southeast Asian region. We do this by making country visits. 

šUndertake archival research for historical documentary observational data-held at NMHS, national archives and online repositories

šWorking with individual NMHS to set-up and fund data recovery projects

šCreating a database of regional sources

šProviding sourced data for digitisation